No. 1: Slang and Making Up Words


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“As a patchwork nation made up of counties upon countries upon kingdoms, Britain wears its idiosyncratic quirks of language like fans wear the T-shirt of their favorite band… Popular Britishisms like cheerio and tickety-boo are just colorful ways to use language. And the Brits do love a bit of color in their social discourse.

Chunder — vomit

Fizzog — face

Hobbledehoy — a swaggering youth or awkward buffoon

Knackered — tired, as in ‘fit for the knackers yard,’ where horses were taken to die

Lurgy — cooties

Rat arsed — drunk

Sod off — ‘go away’

Take the piss — mock or satirize

Twee — cardigan-wearing cupcake fan (a mocking term)

Wazzock — idiot (affectionate term)”

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