Secret Truro: Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t Panic but there are only a few more shopping days until Christmas!  Here are some of our top Christmas gift ideas for friends and family which all have a Truro or a Cornish link. You might recognise some of our roundup from previous posts.
It’s OK, we’ve got you covered!


 Fraser McAlpine – Stuff Brits Like


IMG_3896You might be familiar with Fraser’s album reviews on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show.  He also writes for the BBC America blog Anglophenia which helps educate our American cousins in all things British, from Downton to Doctor Who.  As a result, he’s written a fantastic book called ‘Stuff Brits Like‘.  This could prove to be the perfect present for the Christmas holidays. Each of its short chapters can be picked up, read easily and will provide many topics of conversation over the requisite turkey sandwiches.  If you’re wanting to promote good cheer among your various relations, you might choose chapters with titles like ‘Comedy’ or ‘Sheds’. If you’re wishing to lob a verbal hand grenade into the room you might choose chapter with titles like ‘Drawing Willies on things’ or ‘Arguing over what to call meals.’  You can tell Fraser is local as all of the photos have been taken in and around Truro.

14 December 2015

Via Secret Truro