No. 38: The Great British Fry-Up

SBL_FryUpPhoto credit: Choosy Beggars

“There’s a bewildering array of options that vary according to location, personal preference, and the kind of establishment you’re sitting in, but the key ingredients in a fry-up tend to be picked from a list that looks something like this:

Fried egg: usually sunny-side up
Bacon: back, rarely streaky. Thicker is better, and cooked until leathery.
Sausages: probably the least reliable component in terms of quality.
Tomato: cut in half and grilled, griddled, or fried.
Mushrooms: fried.
Baked beans: a staple of the British diet and a reliable garnish for most fried dishes.
Toast: to mop up any leftover juices.
Rationing is key, and so a really good fried breakfast, while highly prized, tends to be something that is put aside for special occasions.”