No. 3: Cross-Dressing


Photo credit: Staffordshire Arts

“The biggest comedy role in a pantomime belongs to the dame, a formidable matron (or matrons, in the case of Cinderella’s sisters) with preposterous makeup and a gaudy, clashing costume. The dame is presented as a maternal force, a woman past the first budding flush of youth, the kind of woman who owns more comfortable underwear (bloomers, mostly) than lingerie, but thinks of herself as a rare and precious flower. She’s Mother Goose or Widow Twankey or the Nanny in Babes in the Wood. And she’s always, always played by a man.”

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No. 4: Bonfire Night

SBL_BonfirePhoto credit: Vina Learn English

“Rather than being a day to commemorate the first steps of a new nation, or the overthrowing of an imperial regime, Bonfire Night is a wilder event entirely. It’s an exorcism of folk demons, and while it has lost most of its anti-Catholic sentiment (although some traditions die harder than others), it still carries the idea that somehow someone should be punished for something. There’s a rude celebration at play, a sense of irreverence toward figures of authority. In places where a Guy is to be burned, he may be just a nondescript and makeshift man built of old, stuffed clothes, but he could also be Simon Cowell or Osama Bin Laden or Lance Armstrong or Margaret Thatcher. Whoever the local community deems to be the devil of the moment.”

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No. 5: Pub Quizzes

SBL_Pub Quiz

Artist: Keith Royle

 “Pub quizzes are popular at all points of the compass and they all follow a broadly similar format. People arrive, get the drinks in, and sort themselves into teams. Some teams are formed from groups of happy friends who wish to have a fun night out; others are formed of experts who wish to dominate all pub quizzes forever.”

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No. 6: James Bond and Sherlock Holmes


 Image credits: and The Washington Post

“British fiction’s two most famous solvers of cryptic mysteries share a definite link, one of attitude, morality, and temperament. Crudely put: they are both sods. Charming sods, delightful sods, but sods nonetheless.

Holmes is a rotter simply as a side effect of his maniacal need to instill order on everything…Bond is slightly different, but not by much. No less of a sociopath, and with no less of a cruel streak, he expects the company of women as his reward for being the best at what he does.”

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No. 7: Tea


Image credit: The Littlest Hobo Blog

“Tea isn’t merely a drink. It’s a way of life. It’s the panacea that fixes all curses and cures all wounds. It’s the first thing Brits turn to in the morning and the last thing they prepare at night. Tea is a balm for the soul, a rallying spot for friends, a punctuation point for the day, and, let’s not forget, a nice hot beverage that you can serve with milk and/or sugar.”

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No. 8: Weird Traditions


The annual Gurning World Championship, Cumbria, UK. Photo credit: Pinterest.

“As the natural world ticks along its endless cycle of birth, growth, and death, there is much to celebrate, much to commemorate, and much to be superstitious about. The Brits have had a long time to work up their own unique reactions to these moments, and their customs and traditions can loosely be split into two subjective categories: those I grew up with and understand (and are therefore Not Weird) and those I do not recognize and do not understand (and are therefore Weird). Of course, if you’re not from around here, they’re all weird.”

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No. 9: Sarcasm


Photo credit: British Comedy Guide

“A sense of humor is like a fine martini: the dryer it is, the better.

That means it’s not necessary to guffaw if you have made a joke. It’s not even desirable. It’s not necessary even to smile. In fact, if you can manage to arrange your face in such a way that it’s hard to spot that you’re even joking at all — no raised eyebrows, no cute eye rolling, and definitely no winking — that’s the very best way to interact socially at all times. The fine art of sarcasm keeps everyone on their toes, trying to work out whether that sharp thing you said was meant sincerely or not, trying to work out if you’re really the kind of person who enjoys making others feel uncomfortable or just having a dark laugh, and sometimes being unable to speak from all those sharp intakes of breath. What could be more enjoyable?”

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No. 10: Cricket


Image credit: Pinterest

“I have argued with ardent cricket fans about whether the sport they love so well, with its arcane wisdoms, long-standing traditions, and infinite subtleties, should be considered less a sport and more an art form. To which the only sensible answer is no, stop being silly, it’s a sport.”

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No. 11: Apologizing Needlessly


Image credit: Wordsmith: A.Word.A.Day

“Being quick to apologize is a fine quality, especially if no offence was intended in the first place. It’s a mark of a strong character, but only when used sparingly and from the heart. The trouble is, that is not how Brits like to say sorry. They like to apologize before every statement of personal need, whether it’s a trip to the bathroom or taking their turn in a revolving door. They’ll apologize for falling asleep, apologize for waking up, apologize for being hungry, apologize for being full. And this is driven by awkwardness and panic, because if they don’t do it, there’s a chance a complete stranger might think the worse of them — on even the most spurious of grounds — and that would simply never do.”

Back catalogue: Anglophenia: 10 TV Shows That Explain British Culture

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No. 12: Ampersand Foods


Image credit: Markify

“The British Isles can boast some world-beating recipes, and some of the best of them are made with a secret ingredient they have always been very fond of: the Ampersand. It’s there in some of their best-known dishes: not just fish & chips — the full title of which should really be fish & chips & mushy peas — but also firm favorites like bangers & mash (sausages and mashed potato and gravy), pie & mash (eel pie, mashed potato, and a parsley-based sauce called liquor), and the ever-popular steak & kidney pie. And it’s particularly prevalent in some of their most beloved food brands too.”

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