Lost in the Pond’s Halfway Planet Podcast: Stuff Brits Like — A conversation with BBC’s Fraser McAlpine

fraseratvonnegutlibraryFraser McAlpine sitting in Kurt Vonnegut’s chair at Vonnegut’s typewriter, Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis, Indiana, 5 November 2015

From the Indianapolis-based British expat blog Lost in the Pond (5th November 2015, Bonfire Night edition):

This week on Halfway Planet, we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with BBC writer and broadcaster Fraser McAlpine to discuss his new book Stuff Brits Likea brilliantly comprehensive book that covers virtually all facets of British life, including sarcasm, needless apologies, and the British propensity for putting Union Jacks on things! Press play below to get Fraser’s insight into Doctor Who, the NHS, Bonfire Night, and a wealth of other British subjects.

For more information about BBC America Anglophenia contributor Laurence Brown and Lost in the Pond, visit him on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.



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