No. 3: Cross-Dressing


Photo credit: Staffordshire Arts

“The biggest comedy role in a pantomime belongs to the dame, a formidable matron (or matrons, in the case of Cinderella’s sisters) with preposterous makeup and a gaudy, clashing costume. The dame is presented as a maternal force, a woman past the first budding flush of youth, the kind of woman who owns more comfortable underwear (bloomers, mostly) than lingerie, but thinks of herself as a rare and precious flower. She’s Mother Goose or Widow Twankey or the Nanny in Babes in the Wood. And she’s always, always played by a man.”

Back catalogue: Anglophenia: The Brits and Cross-Dressing: A History

Anglophenia: ’80s Music Week: Five Great British Gender Bending Pop Stars

Anglophenia: Alan Cumming: ‘Being a Woman is Hard’

Anglophenia: WATCH: Transvestite Tears in New Always Advert

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