No. 9: Sarcasm


Photo credit: British Comedy Guide

“A sense of humor is like a fine martini: the dryer it is, the better.

That means it’s not necessary to guffaw if you have made a joke. It’s not even desirable. It’s not necessary even to smile. In fact, if you can manage to arrange your face in such a way that it’s hard to spot that you’re even joking at all — no raised eyebrows, no cute eye rolling, and definitely no winking — that’s the very best way to interact socially at all times. The fine art of sarcasm keeps everyone on their toes, trying to work out whether that sharp thing you said was meant sincerely or not, trying to work out if you’re really the kind of person who enjoys making others feel uncomfortable or just having a dark laugh, and sometimes being unable to speak from all those sharp intakes of breath. What could be more enjoyable?”

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