No. 11: Apologizing Needlessly


Image credit: Wordsmith: A.Word.A.Day

“Being quick to apologize is a fine quality, especially if no offence was intended in the first place. It’s a mark of a strong character, but only when used sparingly and from the heart. The trouble is, that is not how Brits like to say sorry. They like to apologize before every statement of personal need, whether it’s a trip to the bathroom or taking their turn in a revolving door. They’ll apologize for falling asleep, apologize for waking up, apologize for being hungry, apologize for being full. And this is driven by awkwardness and panic, because if they don’t do it, there’s a chance a complete stranger might think the worse of them — on even the most spurious of grounds — and that would simply never do.”

Back catalogue: Anglophenia: 10 TV Shows That Explain British Culture

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