No. 17: Pedantry

SBL_misspelled garlicPhoto credit: Stephanie Scott

“The British have many international reputations to uphold, but the most fondly held is that of the upright gentleman in an immaculate suit waiting politely for his turn to explain that you’ve just done something wrong…

You can pin this intense desire for subjective accuracy down to a need to create order out of chaos — using unimprovably impatient phrases like ‘Why don’t you just…’ or ‘Surely you’d be better off…’ as a preface — but the British and their high standards manage to find chaos everywhere, even in places that look pretty ordered already, thank you very much.”

Back catalogue: Anglophenia: Doctor Whom: Five Common Points Of Time Lord Pedantry

Anglophenia: Fraser’s Phrases: More British Nerd Slang, ‘Spods and Anoraks’

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