No. 22: Curry

SBL_CurryPhoto credit: American Expert

“…they love curry so much that they have developed their own dishes. Chicken tikka masala — regularly voted the most popular meal in Britain — is barely known in India or Pakistan, having been created in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow in 1971 (or so the legend goes). Now it’s available as a meal, a flavor of crisps, and even a pizza topping. Balti curries are also claimed to be a UK innovation, first credited to Adil’s Restaurant, Birmingham, in 1977. And this was forty-two years after the arrival of Jubilee chicken, a salad dish made from chicken, mayonnaise, and curry spices that was created to honor the silver Jubilee of George V. When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953, the dish was given a culinary reboot by Constance Fry and renamed Coronation chicken. It remains hugely popular as a sandwich filling or a topping for baked potato.”

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