No. 23: ‘Downton Abbey’ and Sunday Night Nostalgia TV

SBL_DowntonPhoto credit: Xfinity

“Also on Sunday are the big nostalgic drama presentations, scheduled for just after the kids have been packed off to bed: Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Heartbeat, The Royal. Each one a step back from the worries of the present day, so viewers can worry instead about things from the olden days that have already happened. Downton Abbey is the most successful example of this type of show, being so rooted in the past and riddled with the etiquette and hidebound traditions of Edwardian England it could also have been called Antiques Roadshow… For the most part, gritty realism is not required on a British Sunday, not if anyone is to get a good night’s sleep before Monday rolls around.”

Back catalogue: Anglophenia: Five Great British TV Shows Where The Location Is The Star

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