No. 36: Saucy Seaside Postcards

SBL_SeasidePostcardsPhoto credit: Postal Heritage

“In among the ‘Kiss Me Quick, Squeeze Me Slow’ hats and the ‘Keep Calm and Kiss Me Quick’ T-shirts will be a rack of suspiciously old-fashioned postcards showing red-faced men, rotund matrons, and buxom young ladies wearing next to nothing. There’s the newlyweds arriving at a guest house on a cold and rainy night, being greeted by a friendly lady who says to the wife, ‘Do come in, you must be dying to get something hot inside you, my dear,’ or the young woman watching a strutting Scottish man on a street corner and whispering to her friend, ‘They say that’s the reason he wears an extra-long kilt,’ or the red-faced colonel who meets a bikini-clad and buxom young mother with a young boy hanging off each hand and says, ‘You’ve got a couple of nice handfuls.'”

Back catalogue: Anglophenia: 5 British Things Americans Are Missing Out On

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